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‘Blogged’ Down

Do you want more visitors to your website? Want to convert those visitors to leads? Want a bigger community of followers? Then you’re solution is a Web log – BLOG!

Blogs have been around since 1994 and with the introduction of Content Management Systems anyone with a computer and access to the internet can start a blog.

But why Blog?

  1. Increases traffic to your website.
  2. Helps convert traffic to leads.
  3. Helps to establish authority and influence.
  4. Drives long term results.
  5. Your blog is completely yours and not at the mercy of third parties.
  6. It’s easy, customisable and flexible.
  7. It’s a long term investment.
  8. More engagement.
  9. It increases SEO.
  10. Ideal hub for all your content with links.
  11. Easy to execute and fully expandable.

Where should you Blog?

  1. Blogger
  3. Tumblr
  4. Linkedin Posts
  5. Facebook Notes
  6. Medium
  8. Joomla
  9. Drupal

How do you Blog?

  1. Define your audience.
  2. Define content categories.
  3. Put together a team.
  4. What content will you use?
  5. Make a calendar. Set dates.
  6. Create or Curate content. Not sure what how to curate content? Then check out our post – ‘A Curation Movement’.
  7. Decided where the blog will be disseminated.
  8. Measure results and make necessary adjustments.

Sounds easy huh? Well nothing comes easy in life. There’s a science to everything. And there’s definitely a wrong and right way to do blogging for your business. Here are some wrong ways to blog for your business.

Don’t …

  1. … have your blog separate from your website.

  2. … create content centered only around you.
  3. … publish inconsistently.
  4. … publish off-topic content.
  5. … create the same content over and over.
  6. … create a one way platform. Encourage engagement.
  7. … neglect search engine optimisation.
  8. … forget importance of design.
  9. … burn out because you’re trying so hard to create original content.
  10. … forget to use call-to-action buttons.
  11. … forget to share on social media.
  12. … ignore analytics.
  13. … rush things. Good things come to those who wait.

So suit up. Heads high and start rolling out. You’ve got all you need to start you blog. So then … start!












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